A little bit about Airudite

Online aviation study resources for the 21st Century.

Airudite is motivated by a mission to provide the highest quality learning resources for aussie pilots. In our experience, the pathway for aussie pilots is frustratingly opaque and our the library of material we're building aims to make requirements and options crystal clear.

What kind of resources do we offer?

Airudite Academy has a little something for every pilot. We provide expertly crafted summaries, study guides and practice exams tailored to examinations and competencies.

IREX Resources

Airudite's flagship offering is our IREX content. Built with CASA's Manual of Standards at front of mind, these resources provide a concise and direct road to IREX Success.

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    Instrument Rating Mastery Content
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    IREX Practice Exam Questions
More Info

More to come...

Our aviation tutors are busy compiling content. We'd love to hear about what pilots like you want. Or, if you'd like to join our team of Authors and Tutors, reach out.

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    Practice Examinations.
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    Courses & Study Guides.
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    Expanding our team.
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What content do you offer?

We currently practice examination qustions for IREX. But are busy building a wide range of pilot examination study guides and practice exams, including for Private Pilot License (PPL), Commercial Pilot License (CPL), and NVG & VFR content.

How can I access the materials?

All materials are available online. You can register for and access them through our learning management system at flightschool.btdigital.com.au.

Are the practice exams representative of the actual CASA exams?

We do our best to ensure our practice exams closely mirror the format, difficulty, and types of questions found in actual CASA exams. Please note that while we strive for accuracy, the actual exam conditions and content may vary.

Is there a limit on how many times I can take the practice exams?

No, you can take the practice exams multiple times to enhance your preparation by experiencing various scenarios and question sets. With that said, enrolment and access to some resources is only for a the time window specified at enrolment.

What's up with the domain names?

General information is available at airudite.btdigital.com.au and our learning management system and resources are at flightschool.btdigital.com.au. We've partnered with B&T Digital to provide our digital platforms so we can focus on bringing you the highest quality content.

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