IREX Instrument Rating

CASA's IREX Examination is notoriously difficult and preparation notoriously grueling. Airudite is proud to offer targeted resources that help pilots efficiently prepare for this exam.




IREXPRESS is Airudite's study guide for CASA's Instrument Rating examination. Built to follow the CASA Manual of Standards, this guide directly addresses each competency.
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Instrument Rating Mastery


IREX1002 is Airudite's comprehensive IREX study option. Combining the content of IREX1000 and practice material of IREX1001, this is our best value offering for all prospective instrument rated pilots.
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IREX Practice Exam Questions


IREX1001 offers 120 targeted practice questions to boost your confidence for the IREX exam. It covers all manual of standards competencies, providing specific and immediate feedback on your answers, unlike the often vague Knowledge Deficiency Reports.

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